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Our Stories

Each of our clients has a unique story. Chances are, all of us can relate to some aspect, and even put ourselves in their shoes.

In a time of so much destructive discord, this is a rare visionary and realistic organization.

Emmy M

Meet some of those we have helped


Theo is in his mid-30’s with a high school diploma and good vocational training. Due to past drug involvement, he has a criminal record that is a barrier to employment. Clark’s Promise work with Theo began two years ago. They connected him to a primary care physician that gave him the meds he needed to control a severe asthma problem. Unable to find work, he returned home to his family where his addiction became a problem once again. It prompted his move to the South Wilmington Street Shelter and after 6 months, he contacted Clark’s Promise. Again, he was set up with a primary care physician, secured needed asthma meds and he was given a bus pass that allowed him to attend weekly meetings in a 31 day program sponsored by SouthLight Healthcare, Clark’s Promise partner. Theo was also accepted into the SouthLight residential program and has since secured employment in the HVAC field. Theo is currently substance free and has been for approximately 6 months.


Laura, listed as a missing person by NC State law enforcement agencies, was discovered in a western NC hospital.  Diagnosed with a Delusional Disorder; she will not allow the diagnosis to be placed in her medical records. Laura also believes her presence puts her family in grave danger and as a result, she refuses to have contact with them.

Arrangements were made for Laura to travel to Wake Med Hospital and Clark’s Promise was contacted. Clark’s Promise, in turn, contacted Laura’s family in Atlanta, Georgia.  Together, arrangements were made for Laura to live temporarily in a downtown Raleigh motel. The severity of her mental health condition precludes any meaningful employment. Laura’s family wishes to be a part of her life; they are concerned for her welfare, pay for her housing and are respectful of her wishes regarding visitation.

After many months of interaction, Clark’s Promise was able to convince Laura to accept their help with a referral to a primary care physician and most recently, they found Laura a new apartment.  Clark’s Promise helped her move in and managed to provide Laura’s family a significant reduction in her monthly housing expense. Clark’s Promise provides Laura’s family the only connection that they have to their daughter.

Jennifer E.

I have been homeless for a year and a half (this time). Not too long ago, I was seriously considering jumping in front of a truck. Homelessness is physically and mentally exhausting, but then I had the pleasure and great fortune of meeting Amanda Renfroe and hearing about Clark’s Promise. Amanda is perfect for this type of work. She is intelligent, knowledgeable of many resources, kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental, open minded and exceptional. Transportation is a HUGE issue in the homeless community. Not that I am knocking public transportation, but riding a bus, if you have the money for bus fare, just to accomplish one task, can be a daunting all day event. Today, I got to eat a delicious and healthy meal for the first time in months. I was able to obtain interview/dress and outdoor clothes and shoes as well as a mailing address, a voucher for a free ID, food stamps and a potential job lead. I can’t even explain how helpful this has been for me. Other organizations that help the homeless can sometimes make you feel like you are being punished for being homeless or that you must subscribe to a particular religion before getting help. Clark’s Promise and Amanda Renfroe are a beacon of light where there is at times, only desolate darkness. You have picked the right girl to spread the Clark’s Promise message of hope and humanity! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being there. Your son’s death, although tragic, was not in vain. You have created a legacy in his name and he will be remembered.